Reilly Shellfish Crail

Lobsters and Crabs caught off the East Neuk Coast, in Fife, Scotland, are widely recognised as being some of the best in the World.

Reilly Shellfish Crail Lobsters and Crabs are caught daily, weather permitting, by small, family owned creel boats. The catch is landed in Crail or Pittenweem, small traditional fishing villages in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland, and transferred directly to Reilly Shellfish Crail, at The Shed at the Harbour in Crail. We follow the traditional style of catching Lobsters and Crabs, using baited creels. The bait is supplied by larger boats in the fleet.

All Reilly Shellfish Crail Lobsters and Crabs caught are carefully measured in length. Undersize, juvenile lobsters, females with eggs and those with soft shells are returned to the sea. This creates a low impact, sustainable fishing system where levels of shellfish in the local waters are maintained.

Only freshly caught Lobsters and Crabs are cooked, prepared and delivered to customers. This gives customers the option of freezing the produce on receipt, should they wish to consume them at a later date.

Reilly Shellfish Crail Lobster and Crab orders are delivered directly to your door.